Publications : 2023

Wood CW, Walter E, Espinosa C, Enriquez-Bruce ME, Budhecha S, Elliott A, Domachowske J, Daniels D, Wolf Z, Waddell EB, Suh M, Fryzek J, Nelson CB (presenter). 2023. (1) Seasonality of infant lower respiratory tract infections, including those caused by RSV, was altered during the COVID-19 pandemic: Results from four US health systems. (2) Infant hospitalizations and ICU admissions for bronchiolitis and RSV-bronchiolitis are at historic highs during 2022 early seasonal disease: Results from four US health systems. Companion posters accepted for the 7th ReSViNET Conference, Respiratory Syncytial Virus Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal, February 2023.



  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, the historical seasonality of bronchiolitis and RSV-Br incidence has been disrupted.
  • 2022 trends indicate a return to typical seasonality, albeit early in the season.
  • Continued monitoring is needed to determine the impact of the pandemic on bronchiolitis and RSV-Br seasonality to aid future efforts at prevention and assess their impact


  • The recent 2022 early bronchiolitis and RSV-Br season has resulted in historically high levels of severe disease among infants.
  • Continued monitoring of RSV-Br trends is needed to assess the impact of future preventative measures on severe infant disease.