Publications : 2019

Klosterbuer A, Neutel JM, Cohen SS, Periman S. Plasma glucose and insulin response to high protein oral nutritional supplements in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Poster at ASPEN 2019 Nutrition Science & Practice Conference, Phoenix, AZ, March 2019.



• Nutrition is a key aspect of overall diabetes management, and current recommendations focus on an individualized approach to diet planning.1 While the amount and type of carbohydrates in the diet generally receive the most attention, higher protein diets may have beneficial effects on blood glucose management and other outcomes.2 • Diabetes-specific oral nutritional supplements (ONS) are typically moderate in protein content (7-16 g/serving). While many high protein ONS are commercially available, the impact of these beverages on blood glucose levels is generally unknown. • The objective of this clinical trial was to evaluate the glycemic and insulin responses of standard ONS compared to isocaloric amounts of three high protein ONS in individuals with type 2 diabetes.


High protein ONS attenuated the blood glucose response, as measured by glucose AUC0-240 min and/or Cmax for postprandial blood glucose concentrations, compared to isocaloric amounts of standard ONS. High protein, lower carbohydrate ONS may be useful as a part of overall blood glucose management practices in individuals with type 2 diabetes.