Publications : 2019

ApSimon M, Johnston C, Winder B, Cohen SS, Hopkins B. Narrowing the protein deficit gap in critically ill patients using a very high protein enteral formula. Poster at ASPEN Nutrition Science & Practice Conference, Phoenix, AZ, March 2019.



Protein deficits in critically ill patients have been associated with longer ICU stays1 and increased mortality2 in patients at nutrition risk.  Current clinical view suggests that if protein goals are met, meeting full energy targets may be less important3,4.  Use of an isocaloric, higher protein enteral nutrition (EN) formula may provide patients with adequate protein, without overfeeding energy in the first week of critical illness.


Assess the protein and energy intake of critically ill patients before and after availability of a very high protein (VHP) EN formula in in a mixed medical-surgical-trauma ICU located in Hamilton General Hospital, Hamilton Health Sciences in Hamilton, ON, Canada.